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The Coffee Museum seeks to rescue the magical and fascinating world of coffee in a simple, didactic and sensory way; and thus, transmit information about coffee botany and sowing, harvest and selection processes to achieve a refined and exquisite coffee. Also, to narrate in a captivating way fascinating stories of effort, that more than a hundred years ago the pioneers of the colonization of the Convention Valley had to deploy.

This Cusco museum will take you into the wonderful world of coffee, integrating a natural relationship with the ecosystem that translates into a respectful respect for the environment. This unique and warm space is aimed at all coffee lovers or people interested in coffee issues that want to be carried away by the exciting flavor, aroma and history of the Cusco coffee. We invite you to share this path of passion and noble spirit that seeks to revalue this wonderful and unknown product, in this way, when tasting it, we will be making a special recognition to the Cusco coffee , loaded with a story full of an antagonistic reality of who enjoys this drink, and from whom sows this delicious seed, the coffee grower.


Contribute to the rescue and dissemination of the Coffee Culture of the Cusco region and help to form socially responsible consumers of the impacts and benefits of coffee cultivation, emphasizing the socioeconomic, ecological and health aspects of those who consume it.


To be the most representative specialized museum at the national level in the cultivation of coffee, with the capacity to generate the necessary synergy to be linked to networks of similar museums in the world and to offer permanently experiences and information that contribute to consolidate a more responsible social conscience and the Loyalty to the consumption of the Coffee of Cusco.

Museo del Café, Cusco Peru

Museo del Café, Cusco Peru

Museo del Café, Cusco Peru

Museo del Café Cusco | 2020

Espaderos 136, Cusco

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Moday to saturday: 8:30am - 11:00pm :: Sunday: de 9:00am - 10:30pm

Cusco - Perú